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Re: Violent attack, Cruisers injured, St Vincent & Grenadines, Union Island

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
My take is that if you are below when boarded by an armed attacker - you're pretty much screwed. There are just too many options open to the attacker and too few opened to you (essentially the caged prey). It's too one-sided a battle...especially if you don't have a firearm.

At that point, all you can do is be that short, skinny, crazy guy from Appalachia and just go berserk with your winch handle. People around the world, armed or not, fear that kind of guy.
The man who is defending his family is a very dangerous man. I'd put my money on the guy with the winch handle. Lots of stuff on boats for a deperate man. But if you just think they are taking a few cheap things, you act calm. Thats the lesson here. Those guys probably cut his wife sneaky without any warning and if Mark had known what they really meant to do, there would be a much different story. He would have torn them apart before they had a chance. You can hold someone off - just swing away. Its the sneak attack you can't defend.

I mainly just wanted to express my concern and sympathy for Christina and Mark and to enquire about Chrstina's condition. Reading the posts I could imagine myself defending us with just about anything imaginable, an axe, a gaffe, a bat, anything and everything I could grab, but I suspect they acted casual and took the cheap shot and swung at her.

Any news on how they are ?

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