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Re: I Think I Found The Right Boat

Originally Posted by jimgo View Post
In the end, if you are happy with what you're paying for the boat, then who cares what the rest of us think? I'm not being a smart-alec (for a change) - if you think the boat is worth $40,000, and others say it's only worth $4,000, who cares as long as you're happy paying $40,000 for it? The bigger question will be, how upset will you be if you find out that someone else bought a C27 that's basically the same age and in basically the same condition, but without all the "extras" (many of which you may not use) for half what you paid? Or, how upset will you be if the engine dies three days into you owning the boat and it costs you several thousand to get it repaired (not that I have any experience with this...)? Will you be pissed because you didn't bargain harder, or move on to a different boat (which may or may not not have had the same problems)? Are you OK with the possibility that in 2 years you'll decide that either a) you hate sailing/don't get enough use out of the C27 and need to sell the boat or b) you absolutely love sailing and are ready to move up to a C30 or other such boat, and either way you may only be able to sell the boat for the $5,000-$6,000 that most other C27's are selling for?

If you can accept these kinds of things happening, then as others have said, what are you waiting for? If you're going to kick yourself if these things come up, then you need to start negoitating or walk away.
that's it in a nutshell. Either swallow this baby hook line and anchor or just move on to the next one
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