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Re: Is she bluewater? Interesting story to help with these questions.

I have over or 1.5 million miles logged as a merchant marine officer on ships over 700ft. I read all this speculation as to what could happen or what will happen at sea which boats are blue water boats and which are not. with todays electronics any idiot can buy a boat and set off on an open ocean passage,just because the person spends top dollar on a so called blue water boat doesnt mean they will make it across the ocean. a successful passage in my opinion is about being able to prepare for and plan your passage, know how to use the weather to your advantage and experience on the water(In my eyes racing around a bay in a small boat wont give you the experience needed to have an enjoyable safe ocean passage). I read all these posts that say dont take this boat or dont take that boat when the truth is if you dont have the knowledge and experience DONT TAKE ANY BOAT.In the past boats were built so much heavier and stronger because that was part of the planning because they didnt have all the electronics and weather routing services and sat services that are available today, and the chances of getting caught in a storm were more likely. another reason they built the boats so heavy was because of the materials available look at resins and space age glues of today much stronger than they had 20 years ago. How many of the old so called bluewater cruisers have used carbon fiber in their bows. Just because a boat is mass produced does not mean its not safe it means technology has allowed them to build boats faster by using computerized software for design and implementation. I could pick out flaws on any boat the question is what are you going to do with the flaws in order for it to be safe. There is so much out there today that allows us to make ocean passages without taking the risks that sailors did in the past. granted there are boats out there that should not go into the blue, but there are a lot more people with money and a dream that should not be out there than there are boats. In fact most boat owners should not even be allowed to leave the dock. In my 20 years of sailing with one of the largest shipping companies in the world only once did i get caught in conditions that actually scared me for the size of the ship(832ft). I would say all that was due to experience and planning not how big or strong i thought the vessel i was on claimed to be. Now just so someone doesnt start bashing me for not being a sail boater cancel that i have been sailing since i was 9 years old and still planning a circumnavigation beginning 2015
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