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Re: Maybe Steel rules... after all!

Originally Posted by DJR351 View Post
We had a nav safety flash go around the fleet not long after this happened....

What I can remember from it:

1. Gringo is aluminium.
2. The vessel that hit Gringo was an "in ballast condition" feeder container ship.
3. Three on board, two below and one on deck. The one on deck went over the side when Gringo was pushed aside and on to her beam ends, he was tethered and managed to get himself back on board when the vessel righted herself, the two down below had a few cuts and bruises.
4. The mast broke where it hit the bow, the masthead light and a few other bits and pieces where found on the fo'c's'l deck of the container ship.
5. Gringo was towed in, I think if I remember correctly the force of the impact broke an engine mount or two.....

The reason we got a safety flash was it was one of our vessels that got to Gringo first, she was following the container ship.....
Thanks for the info.
What was the tonnage of the container ship, and its speed?
Steel is even tougher than aluminium, with far more reliable welds, which are far less prone to cracking. The sister ship to Joshua, which was hit by a 35,000 ton freighter (Posted in a 1984 issue of Yachting magazine) had a similar dent, with no leaks. How would the plastic boat which Smack advocates, have fared in such a collision?

We are still waiting for the video of Smack, waist deep in water , punching a hole in a tin can with an aluminium baseball bat, to prove that a very blunt object can punch a hole in a light, buoyant, steel container

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