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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bfloyd4445 View Post
whew, Bob speaks well for steel but he is forgetting that one could make a car with four inch Armour plate then drive letting others just bounce off but the price paid in energy expended to move all that extra weight is more than most of us wish to bear no matter what our income. Not a matter of what one can afford as what's best for the world and future generations. When I don't fly, boat, I drive a vw Golf TDI, the prius eater, only because I have little desire to squander non renewable resources. The fact is for small craft steel requires just too much energy to move from point a to b. Basic engineering.
I'm sure you engineering types can grasp the concept
That said I love steel boats, they are realistically just not cost effective under 50 feet
When the wind is free and environmentally sustainable, what is the problem?
With my tiny income, a months wages a year on average, for the last 37 years in my 29 ft and 31 ft steel sailboats , including building the latter, what is not cost effective about that?
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