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Re: My Peak Sails Experience

My experience with Peak Sails was nothing short of horrifying. I certainly am to blame for going to them in the first place.
No answer on the first call but I left a message and was called back by Chris Stevens in VA. He took my order and my money. I had to get back to him with colors, which was more difficult and took several days. Two weeks later I had still not received an invoice for $2334 worth of goods. After much effort I was put on the phone with Art Kelly who immediately dove into me about how unreasonable I was and who proceeded to tell me that I was, and I quote, "a s--t head", "an a--hole", a "f--king looser" and other niceties. I was shocked. I ran a construction business for 20 years and NEVER heard anyone go into a customer like this EVER, ANYWHERE! He claimed to have 400 employees, (that is totally false, they may have 4 or 5) he claimed huge amounts of business and this is why I couldn't get a receipt for so long. He thought it was unreasonable of me to want information or a receipt and rather than listen to the customer, went off on his tirade. He needs real help; this was truly antisocial behavior. I couldn't even get very angry at him, only pity, it was so bizarre. I now understand why this is at least his second failing business venture.
Read the BBB listings for both Kelly-Hanson and Peak. Read the blogs in this, and other sites. You will see a history of customer complaints. Remember, these are only a percentage of all that they might have received. It is truly surprising because what they do is intrinsically easy. They take orders, have a loft in Hong Kong produce the sails(Wilfer Sails) send them to a garage in Colorado where they are repacked and send them on. I personally don't have a problem with that. What they add, unfortunately, is shoddy business practices, no coordination or tracking, no infrastructure, a huge lack of communication and is virtually no customer service. Couple that with an owner who has no desire to be professional or accept advice from anyone and you have a disaster. Art Kelly could have a great business, given his attitude and personality, that won’t happen. They are likely in the position of robbing Peter to pay Paul and this is why so many people can not get their product. Wilfer Sails won't ship without up front payment, they are NOT affiliated with Peak Sails. You are risking being the last customer Peak Sails has and losing your money or not having a service oriented company to sort out your defective sail.
Will a sail from almost any other loft cost more? It certainly will. Will it be worth it? It certainly will. You will receive prompt service, valuable assistance and help, a better product with guarantees that are backed up and professional behavior from their staff or owner.
If you see the name “Peak Sails” change course.
You can also order from Wilfer Sails Direct and save much more, beware the quality though.
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