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Re: Almost!

FWIW, I seriously began the boat search in May, 2013. Believe what you want, but that is fact.

As for your comment about what you think about needing prodding, there seems to be this belief by some that anyone considering buying a boat needs to do it immediately, if not sooner. And if they are taking longer than whatever that time frame is, someone needs to kick them in the butt and convince them to buy the boat. Why is that? What good does it do trying to push anyone into a boat purchase they may not even want to purchase?
I think you are putting a spin on my comment that is not warranted. I am suggesting (for your benefit) you might be looking for a perfect boat that might not exist and maybe getting bogged down and as a consequence you are delaying your goal. I think this is evidenced by it being nearly a 1/2 of year since you began your quest.

I think this was also the point James was making though not necessarily the way I would have made it. But I do not recall having read posts by him that were mean spirited and so I did not take it that way. If that is the case then, after tdw's call for an apology, I think tdw should apologise for making the assumption.

I'm not sure if you Eddie Haskell/troll labels were directed at me. If it was then I would ask you to back that with supporting evidence. I think you would have trouble. I am confident I have only commented on subjects brought up in the threads. If the not directed at me then there is the implication by association that I find unfair. Regardless I don't think labels or name calling belong on this forum.

Lastly, I wish you well on your boat purchasing endeavour and hope it comes to a conclusion sooner rather than later.
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