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Cool Re: Almost!

Originally Posted by JulieMor View Post
When the owner asked to be let out of the contract, I immediately thought "no way!" But this silly thought entered my brain. The sale has to be something both want or it will be a bad omen. Told you it was silly. But it goes back to when my dad bought his boat and immediately changed the name. I heard over and over, "You can't change a boat's name or bad luck will follow." Several months later the boat was sitting on the bottom of the Chicago River. But really, I knew I would never feel right about forcing the guy to sell. So I let it go. Maybe along the line we gained some friends.

Nothing silly about that imho.
John Vigor might call it adding to the black box.
Good Old Boat - Vigor's Black Box Theory article

I call it good karma.

Good luck with your boat shopping.

Boat names.
I never really bought into the bad luck thing around boat names, today I am starting(just starting) to believe. My boat was hauled out today and ran aground 10 feet from the dock, with the crane and crew waiting. Probably the marina's fault for picking the shallowest spot of the harbour to haul boats from Regardless I got her unstuck and hauled. Afterwards the supervisor asked my Dad what boat on his list was just hauled. Dad says the contessa 26 on the list. Supervisor says I have two on the list, one with no name. That's the one Dad says. Supervisor says, You know it is bad luck to have a boat with no name, Dad rolls his eyes. I jump in and remind him I just ran aground for the first time ever......

Time to start a thread looking for boat name idea's


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