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Re: Is Sailing Sexist?

Originally Posted by Sublime View Post
I had learned that boats were called "she" because they carry, protect and then deliver the crew (or cargo) like a mother does her child.

Since we sailors are generally a suspicious group, and that it's know the name you give your boat affects the "personality", I'm not sure Ralph would be a good name.
First, a male boat may run around trying to "hook up" with every female boat willing to give him the time of day.
Second, a boat name Ralph may just "shoot your eye out" (Christmas Story) and spend too much money on Ovaltine.
she, because they carry protect and deliver the crew.....hum..I like that .

But while "she" is doing all that Ralph is keeping her from harm by caring cleaning and keeping her off shoals, navigating bars etc. Poor Ralph does all the hard stuff but no credit. When she skillfully crosses a nasty bar onlookers amply praise her, when she cuts a picture perfect profile against the sea onlookers again give her praise. No one ever says, look there goes ralph, dosent he look grand!....poor poor Ralph

personally I like the she thing, I have no desire to sail in a "he", do you?
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