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Re: Almost!

ScottUk .... don't hold your breath waiting.
Appreciate the advice but have and will continue to breathe normally.

James does have previous form re snide comments in Sailing forums. Emphasise Sailing. This is not PRWG.
The tone of your post could be construed as snide. Should I deem it unacceptable and call for a retraction?

Not sure what the acronym PRWG stands for.

If James were to come on here, withdraw his comments as being a bit of an unacceptable gag that was meant to be harmless fun then I would withdraw mine.
As I wrote above I took the comment as a cheeky way of warning about becoming a tire kicker. The point I made above was that searching for the perfect boat can incur cost.

I note your silence as to what might be considered name calling as stated in my previous post above which could be construed as acceptance to this type of behaviour. I think this could call into question your acceptable/unacceptable standards.

Simple as that but apologise ? In your dreams.
Sorry but at this time I don't think you merit inclusion into my dreams. Maybe after we get to know each other better.
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