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Re: Would you rather own a sailboat or a RV?

Well I own both. Biased opinion but, I use my RV much more. It has traveled the country or at least the eastern half.

I envy those with larger sailboats that go around the world or even island hopping but it may be awhile before I can do that.

Reason my opinion is biased is because we have been camping my whole life. Never really been without some sort of RV. Right now mine is a travel trailer although I am considering going to the motor coach next. Sister loves theirs.

Big plus for RV? Well family will love it, (they may not enjoy sailing as much as you), bad weather? no problem stop in a wayside and make a snack. So much to see in America, scenery from open water is well open water, scenery from the road is Awesome!!! Family reunions have a whole new "niceness" to them. No longer need to crash at uncle Ed's place, just pull in and plug in. Home away from home.

remember the last motel you stayed in on vacation? who slept there before you? My better half used to clean in a very upscale hotel. (5 star rated) you wouldn't believe what people do in those rooms. She now cleans operatting rooms in a hospital and says they are so much cleaner even after major surgery. bllod, guts, bone fragments and brain matter are nothing compared to the alternative.

I do still want to someday get the larger sailboat for extended stays and have even thought of living aboard although I would still keep my RV for traveling.

I have a friend down south who does 6 months living on her boat and 6 months cruising in her RV....perfect combo.

as far as cost? I wouldn't say the RV is "cheap" but it is easier to find things for, and I don't think they break quite as often. Although I have had a few issues with mine they have been inexpensive, and more importantly non life threatening. when something breaks at a campground it is an inconvenience but easily handled.
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