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Re: "Paying" friends wanting to go on the boat.

Originally Posted by deniseO30 View Post
It's been mentioned and asked of me a few times, usually after I go off ranting how hurt and angry I am about my situation of not being able to afford to keep me, my life, house, and boat Like I did when I got the boat almost 10 yrs ago.

"Denise; why don't you just take people out on your boat and have them pay you for the day, weekend, trip, etc?"

I usually mumble something like "I would need a captain's license to do that."

I actually don't know this and wonder, now that I'm looking at the winter and lots of time to decide if I want to sell or find a way to at least break even with keeping her on the Chesapeake. I do quite well with other lady friends and many of them have suggested it's a cheap way to get away compared to motels hotels and driving long distance. Assuming I could find a way to get the word out, would I be breaking some kind of law? Basically the rational would be $ to offset the cost of having the boat for "guests"

I know the responsibility of things going wrong is great.. yet it's just as great with "just friends" on board too.

I'm tending to think and feel it's a BAD idea because if it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

Your input will be much valued on this friends!
Don't know your local laws but would be careful about liability issues, especially if you have any assets. If someone formally "pays" you, other than with sandwiches and beer, and can prove it, it may put you in a vulnerable position, possibly voiding your liability insurance, especially if you are in non-compliance with local or Coast Guard rules or laws.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a "free lunch".

Paul T
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