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Re: Embedded Chain plate maint/replacement

Originally Posted by overbored View Post
not sure what you worried about where the compression is going. the mast is in compression to the keel. the chainplates are in tension. fiberglass is very strong in tension. get a Fein saw for cutting away the glass. very little dust and the best tool for fiberglass work. worth the money.
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It is obviously OK as it has lasted a long time on a lot of different boats. I'm just trying to understand the loads.
The mast is pushing down that makes sense.
The chain-plates are pulling up.
Some portion of the load however is attempting to make the boat narrower.
I see a lot of boats that have the chain plates connected to a bulkhead.
The bulkhead is tabbed into the hull distributing the load.
The bulkhead often has a small beam that goes across the whole boat again distributing the load.

In this case the load attempting to make the boat narrower has to be taken by the deck.

I'm not saying it is a problem unless of course you had a soft deck.

I guess I find it hard to believe that a bandage of glass over the chain-plate on the hull is all their is to it.
Is it possible they are relying in part on 5200?
Does polyester resin stick that well to SS?

Did they do some tricks like put some holes in the stainless so the resin would form keys?

What I'm saying is that a SS bar bolted to a bulkhead makes sense to me. It is obviously strong.

This kind of construction has stood the test of time so must be pretty good, I'm just trying to understand it.

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