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Re: Cruising yachts behaving if they're doing us a favour

Originally Posted by CaptTony View Post
Why is the thread worthless? Pray tell you are not one of these scam artists. This is an issue that deserves to be vetted. I will venture to guess that there are a lot of inexperienced sailors out there who unknowingly get taken in by this scam.

And what about the legalities of the situation. In the USA, such a "deal" might be construed as paying for passage. Is the owner/captain licensed to take on passengers?

A worthless thread? I think not. It's something worthy of discussion.

Thanks Captain.

From the other tread.

Originally Posted by DRFerron View Post
The crab didn't look too happy.

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
Well sounds like you should have checked the safety equipment and if not comfortable left before leaving port. Heck I checked the safety equipment on a Carnival Cruse and would have notified the crew if I found something missing or out of date before leaving and would have left the ship had it not been resolved. You are the only one ultimately responsible for your own safety and if the boat was not safe, you should have never left port. I don't think for 35 Euro a day you should have been expecting to not be involved in maintenance and other tasks that may have been required. Come on it is not like you were paying for a luxury cruse, and must not have read the brochure. It is an Expedition, not a cruse liner. Just seems to me your expectations were way to high, heck you could not have stayed in an all inclusive resort for that kind of money, so why expect that level of service, on a boat no less.

This sounds a bit like the Rockdawg story, only one side.

You are completely wrong which negates all the comments opinions in your post.

Every boat, no matter how big or small, must have a skipper. The skipper is legally responsible for the safety of the boat and all the people on board, and is also responsible for complying with all the relevant rules and regulations, conventions, international treaties.

Please read;;;;

Skipper responsibilities

Plus Conventions on the law of the sea.

Its posters like you bring other boater owners and skippers in to disrepute with your ill informed bluffing postings. Plus giving confidence to others they do not have to check their responsibilities or get educated.

I do not have an ax to grind about paying for crewed positions. Its because skippers do not do their own due diligence and remain ignorant regarding their skippers responsibilities or bluff the inexperienced crew person bringing the credibility and yachting responsible owners and skippers into disrepute in the eyes off the non sailing citizens or first time crew sailors.

I might add I can stay in a pig sty for free which would probably be cleaner than that vessel.


Signing liability releases does not over rule a un statuary convention or state laws, worldwide treaties.

The port officials take no notice and state you delivered here it is your responsibility to make provision to fly the crew member to his home land and if the skipper refuses they will give 24 hrs for the owner skipper to find another port to enter. - that's on entry. If after entry you give them the news [ the crew that is ] the authorities will state they will not sign / give departure papers for the vessel until the skipper gives them the air ticket and will state he is also liable for meals and hotel accommodation, transport costs to the airport. They will not give clearance to leave also until the hotel, meals drinks, room service, other misc charges, bill is paid also. So the longer he refuses the more it will ultimately cost the skipper. If the skipper does a runner the authorities have a system in place all ports world wide will be given the vessels details passport no of the owner, ships registration details and he will have to pay the bill plus a fine before he can enter any port world wide. Even if he is an American with a American registered vessel.

The authorities will then pay the air fare for the crew member to his homeland knowing they will eventually be paid under the conventions on the law of the sea, and other treaties..

Originally Posted by skelmir View Post
Sounds like that person needs to buy their own boat and go cruising. Apparently they think that paying 39 euros a day is expensive and at that price they should be able to lounge around in a hammock all day and not lift a finger. I don't know anything about this Expedition company but that "objective" review came across as anything but.

My advice would be to manage your expectations. If you chartered a boat with a captain and a hired crew you have every right to demand everything to be shipshape and that your champagne isn't too warm. If you pay to crew on a boat things are going to be different. One cost a lot more than the other.

You obviously did not read the full articles or you have a vested interest.

The vessel is not surveyed let alone a ocean survey.
All life saving equipment well past inspection and renewal dates. These regulations are there for a reason and made by the authorities in just about all world nations not just as a means to stimulate jobs, employment and business.

So on your vessel every one has to become a vegetarian. Yes Vegetables are very expensive particularly in the Islands, they will give them to you , enough for 7 days or more for the whole vessel for a packet of 25 tailor made smokes or a T Shirt especially if has an americium flag insignia or such.

Sanitation non existent and sleeping with cockroaches and human body wastes on the decks. Imagine the flies when on anchor.

It irritates me to read of cruising yachts behaving as if they're doing us a favour by asking us to pay e30, e40, or much more, per day to work / crew on their sailing yacht which they can't sail safely unless they have crew.

No where in the article did it convey that they weren't prepared to do a watch and hang in a hammock the entire passage time or a reasonable amount in sailing the vessel whilst under way, other wise one would get pretty bored within a few days. Meals These days Pasta, instant noodles, rice only and instant cup a soup with tinned bully beef, mackerel, sardines, herrings in tomato sauce is not acceptable. If you need crew to help sail your dream boat then the boat is far to big for you to do your thing and in a lot of cases it is virtually a delivery trip that they are not prepared to pay for a delivery skipper to sail with crew. Husband advertisers for crew to do the passage, whilst wife and kids fly to the destinations, wait in a 4-5 star hotel and on arrival the crew are given approx 48 hrs to vacant the vessel so wife and kids can board to save or the wife refuses to do watches, cook or clean for non family members. Also most owners never in my experience do the midnight watch its always roistered for the crew to do so his body clock is not put out unbalanced or pay their return airfares to their home port.

Worth being educated.

Also no survey, safety equipment not in date, or insufficient, faulty.
A accident happens and their is a death. Hefty fine plus manslaughter charges
and a jail term.

Don't believe me. A case last year . A father in his runabout decides to go fishing with two 10 boys. All had life jackets on. Crosses a marginal bar and the boat overturns. One 10 year old drowns and the life jacket floating away from the body some distance. It had slipped over his head and did not have a crouch strap as well.

Charged on the coroners report that the skipper did not meet his obligations -responsibilities. He failed to supply a proper fitting size life jacket and also failed to make sure it was securely fastened to the boy.

He found that should that have happened the boy probably would have lived.
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