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Re: Embedded Chain plate maint/replacement

I'm envisioning a way to make new chain plates that will be removable for inspection but be similar to the existing ones.

Let me see if I can explain in words what should be a drawing.

Glass with epoxy two or three horizontal stainless plates about the same way the current T crosses are glassed in.
The difference is that they are glassed in such a way so their is a slot left in the middle wide enough so the vertical chain plate can be slipped up under each horizontal strap and out through the slot in the cap rail.
Now just use flat head machine screws through the horizontal straps and tapped into the vertical chain plates.

The bottom of the chain plate can have a doubler piece welded on as a stop against the bottom horizontal piece.

The whole thing can have an inspection cover over it so it can be inspected.
The horizontal pieces glassed in should never get wet and last indefinitely.
The vertical piece can just be unscrewed and withdrawn and the critical part just below the cap rail inspected.

In any event even if water did get in it would not be trapped in a pocket.

Any concern about the strength of the machine screws can be engineered away by simply changing the size of the vertical member. It can be wider or thicker under the cap rail if you need more screw area and the existing width above the cap.

This would be a modest increase in cost mostly labor to deal with drilling and tapping a couple dozen screws rather than welding.

Do you think this would work?

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