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Re: Cruising yachts behaving if they're doing us a favour

Originally Posted by DRFerron View Post
Good. Now we know that you can successfully copy text from your other thread.

And that last part about the kids who died? A sad lesson but unrelated to the boat and crew that you are disparaging.

You know, a better way of going about this would have been to simply state the issue abstractly without pointing fingers at any particular boat and crew like you did in the link to your companion thread.

And all those emoticons in your signature are annoying.

May I respectfully disagree. The part re the to kids refers to skippers responsibility which a poster has stated its the crews responsibility and can be applied to all the responsibilities that are being argued as it was a test case and the authorities are now increasing applying that things in the past where designated an accident and forgiven. Not now more and more there is no accident sympathy and people are held to account by way of charges and prosecution. In the article they complained the life saving equipment had not been serviced, faulty and probably not suitable. The court case clearly demonstrates that providing a life jacket is in itself not sufficient. It must be the correct size for the wearer and the skipper must ensure that it is secure. The coroner found the child was given an oversize life jacket [ not sure how over sized it was ] but the deciding and crucial convicting part / neglect was the child was left to put it on himself and the skipper did not check that it was securely fitted / fastened on the child. He merely glanced and I might say that's what most people would do including skippers in most cases, except mothers I suppose, saw he was wearing the jacket and accepted he had actioned his responsibility, which proved fatal.

So accordingly it is something educational to remember and pass on to fellow friends and members that have not read this thread.

Where does it say in my posts that I have pointed fingers at that particular boat and crew.

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