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Reptiles, bugs and boats and florida?

Ahoy me matey, ye missed the point of me argument by ten points to the north. Ye gonna have to face each one of these lothosome and evil critters in its own time and ye best be ready. I e''re tell of many a fine sailor went up river never to return as the creatures swarmed his position and laid siege to his nerves. E''re tell most what got nought but a bucket or a hole in de ground for facilities be Punta Gorda. AYE dem no-see-ums is a scourge upon yer skin and me mind be pested to distraction at times. I ain''t mentioned the infectious nature of yer wounds cause the puss oozing foul smelling rawness of it makes me belly squirm. Me hole in the mangroves tis the most advantageous to make me quick attacks on the unwary at the mouth of me harbor . The sea breeze and the salt of de water keeps em all at bay. There be no escaping the monsters of the deep so''s is best to make ye peace wit em. I be posting me own snake story for ye all shortly on me post of the same title. Keep yer eys out but be warned tis not for the faint of heart. AARRHH Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.
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