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Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post
You could be 2 years too late.
then pour re
The problem you describe is not unique to the Elizabethan - many boats have external keels and if built properly with good floors or grid internally there are few problems.
Hi, As a former employee of Peter Websters and somebody who worked on every E29 built from 1966 to 1971. I can only comment on that boat. The ballest keel was internal. it was made of lead and lowered in prior to the deck being fitted. Once the keel was put in, it was wedged in place with wood packers around the top to hold it cental, the fibreglassers (or gouers as we called them) would then pour resin around between the lead and hull. The problem came when you had a gouer (spelling) that did not care. I had to help repair an E29 at Poole that had it's ballest keel come adrift, the shipwright I was working with cut a couple of holes approx 12" square each side of the hull at keel level and there was no resin around the keel at any point so allowing it to move in heavy weather. I can only talk from 'MY' experiance. Just a quick mention, the lead was fibreglassed over and the water tank fabricated above it with the floors and cabin sole above that.

The E29 was the only yacht Websters built with an internal ballest keel and everbody commented on the weak spot where the two halves of the hull were joined and could not understand why we could not change the mould to accomdate an external Steel keel as all the other Elizabethans had. The E35 may also have had an internal keel but these were never built at Ropewalk Boatyard by Peter Websters but built under licence by an independent company.

Also a note of interest is, people have spoke of the E30 but no mention of the E 9mtr which was the racing version with a trim tab on the keel, Peter Webster sailed one of these himself.

I have sailed in quite a few E29s and E31s and 1 or 2 E23s as I loved sailing, when Peter Webster took all the new yachts out for compass swing I was always asked to join them as crew so Peter Webster could have a sail afterwards. I have also raced against E29 and they were always very fast and seaworthy, in my mind the E29 and E31 (not the Ketch) were the best two yachts we built.

Also the best Elizabethans were the early ones built whilst Mac McEntyre (spelling) was forman, he left when Tony Winter started as manager, things went downhill from there on.

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