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Re: Pogo 30

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
There is fast and fast, there is cruising equipment and cruising equipment.

If you mean planning speeds, the boat should be as light as possible. That is a small boat and the same load will be much more detrimental for speed that in a bigger boat and if I remember right Eric in his Pogo 12.50 does not even carry an outboard engine.

Anyway the boat with a "normal" cruising charge for a 30ft would still be fast downwind but would need much more wind and sail area to plan, so much that I doubt that it would be practical solo in cruising mode.

Off course, we would have to define what is a normal charge and what one needs for cruising. That varies widely. Someone that will plan to cruise with a lot of people and charge would not probably want a Pogo 30.

Think of it like a motorcycle versus a car.

It is possible to cruise with a powerful sportive motorcycle (and I have done that) but not ideal to take someone with you neither the camping tents and food. Sure, it can be done and the motorcycle will still be fast in a straight line but would be comparatively more sluggish around bends than a touring car with the same load. On the car that weight, that on the motorcycle makes a big difference, is hardly noticed.

So if you want a Pogo 30 think about cruising light, as light as you can manage.


Some things I (or my girl) will need:

1) Music
2) Fridge
3) Stove with 2 Burners(?) but no oven
4) Anchor (light one)
5) Lots of electronics (NKE)
6) Additional storage (primary for clothes)
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