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Re: Warning warning advertising for paying crew

After looking at the site it's easy to see how someone with an eye towards adventure could be attracted to something like this and end up being very disappointed. But it's also clear that it is in no way shape or form a vacation and that you will be living in very close quarters with other people. They also make it very plain that you are volunteering to perform a role:
  • I understand that I am applying to be a volunteer, therefore, I do not expect wages, payments, or any other form of compensation for my services or time spent with xxxxxxxxx.
  • I understand that as a volunteer, I am representing xxxxxxxxxx and I will conduct myself in a mature and responsible manner at all times.
  • I understand that any photographs or other media taken by me while I am an xxxxxx volunteer will belong to the xxxxxxxxxx.
  • I agree that I am fully responsible for payment of all medical expenses and other damages arising if I am injured or become ill while volunteering for xxxxxx.
  • I am willing to perform chores and to fill a role with good cheer, responsible initiative, and a positive attitude.
  • I understand the amount of time required and the dedication necessary to be a crewmember. I am willing to set aside personal agendas in order to focus on my vital role as a member of the xxxxxxx crew.
  • I agree to be filmed/photographed while with the xxxxxxxxx.

Personally, I'd have no expectation that the skipper would be taking turns on evening watches nor that they'd pay for return air fare if I wanted off the boat early. At the same time I don't blame you for being unhappy with the meals, nor do I think they should be holding passports. Without asking some questions, one is taking a very big leap of faith by signing on for something like this.

My suggestion is that you take it for what it was, - a learning experience. My guess is that there were probably some truly memorable moments both positive and negative. You've got some good stories to tell. Put the bad feelings in the rearview mirror and move on.

I'm not sure what's behind the lyrics in the Beach Boys' song "Sloop Jon B" but this story reminded me of it.
"The poor cook he caught the fits
And threw away all my grits
And then he took and he ate up all of my corn
Let me go home
Why don't they let me go home
This is the worst trip Ive ever been on"

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