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Re: Luffe 37.09

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Congratulations about the boat. That long list of modifications show till what point Luffe can customize the boats.

Are you not mistaken about the balsa core? I mean about Luffe not using divinycel on epoxy hulls?

"Glass fibre reinforced polyester or epoxy with foam core ( Divinycel 10 mm.)"


The 3.6 uses a balsa core with epoxy but the other boats use a foam core, at least it is what is as information on the site and it was what they used some years back.

I don't share your opinion regarding the 37.09 to be a better boat than the 36.6. The 37.09 share the same hull with the 37 and that is an old hull, back from 1979. It was a great boat but even if the rudder and keel are different a lot was learned about design in between and Oluf had keep the pace, designing more modern and fast hulls.


Regarding the balsa core here is their answer on the same question I asked (I have found some discrepancies with what was written on their website, which unlike the boats is not to the best what could expect)

"Dear Rumen.
We will do the cockpit, as you suggested in the last picture. Which means you keep the wooden bench at the end of the cockpit, we will extend the benches at the side, as far as possible and it can be folded away.
The core in deck and hull are balsa, we always use balsa when we vacuum infuse with epoxy."

As far as the "old hull"you refer to regarding the Luffe 37, I do not agree. This
is a hull form which has proved itself for many years and I believe it is Oluf's favourite - a narrow boat with low freeboard. As I have stated previously in my opinion Oluf assumed new approach rgearding Luffe 3.6 basically to provide more space and enough standing height belowdecks that would match the taste of the predominantly his German customers who seem to be less spartan than the Danes. I do thin that the 3.6 will be faster not because of the hull shape, but only due to the fact that its sail area is 10 sq.m. more in order to drive
its fattier and heavier hull. And I do not think this is Oluf's favourite hull form. Let's take for instance the Wally Nano hull (Wally yachts are admired by him), whose L/B ratio exceeds the Luffe 37's one. But it's is a daysailor's hull, meaning less space below deck. The more beam aft of the Luffe 3.6 will probably allow planing. But to be honest, if planing capabilities were my priorities I would have ended with a Dragonfly trimaran.

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