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Re: Remote Monitoring System for my sailboat

I went with this:
Have had it 4 years with no problems. Note this company McDermott Light and Signal makes equipment used by Commercial Cargo companies- equipment is heavy duty.

Boatsense (TM)

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The McDermott Boatsense
Remote Monitoring System™ sends a message to up to 3 cell phones if you have a problem.

Why do you need a remote monitoring system on your boat?

According to the United States Coast Guard 80% of boats that sink or swamp, do so while unattended at the dock or on the mooring. With few exceptions these losses are due to pumps not moving water fast enough or scuppers that have become blocked. Until now boat owners have had to rely on other people or even their own eyes from a distance to monitor the condition of their boat. It is almost impossible to tell if a boat is taking on water before it becomes a problem without physically looking into the bilge and it is absolutely impossible to know if the batteries are getting drained without being there.

What is a remote vessel monitoring system?

A remote vessel monitoring system is any system that will notify a boat owner of problems on their boat while they are not present. These range from friends and neighbors to high end integrated monitoring and control systems.

Monitoring CPU and cell phone transmitter with antenna (included)

What are your remote monitoring options?

There are many extremely complex systems available that will notify you or a central location of many different conditions on your boat. These systems are very expensive to purchase and install and require a high monthly subscription fee.

Why purchase the McDermott Boatsense™ Remote Monitoring System?

The McDermott Boatsense ™ Remote Monitoring System is simple to install, use and is available at a fraction of the cost of more expensive systems. We are able to offer this extremely reliable low cost solution for two reasons. We monitor the most critical conditions, bilge level and battery condition, and we utilize the cell phone that you already have for controlling our system. Additionally we provide inputs for up to three other systems with an audible or visual alarm that you can connect and monitor remotely.

We have eliminated complex local control systems like keypads and screens that fail easily in the harsh conditions experienced in the marine environment. The McDermott Boatsense™ Remote Monitoring System will send a message to up to three cell phones to let you know when you have a problem so that you can take care of it before it becomes a time consuming and costly loss.

We have recently simplified the pricing for Boatsense. The unit includes a one-year subscription for the SMS/GSM network (AT&T / Cingular) cell phone monitoring and requires a three week pre-order.

The unit includes a 4" detachable external antenna and an internal battery monitor. Most customers find it farily straightforward to tie it into their secondary bilge pump system as a way of monitoring their boat water level and pump operations. If you need a bilge water level switch, we recommend the Rule 35A float switch and we would be happy to add one to your order. Please call for pricing.

What does it cost?

Retail: $735.00
Your price: Click here to see your price in the shopping cart

You can also special order up to 3 other alerts with your Boatsense™ system, including:

Bilge and water level
Tank levels
Temperature (high and low)

Smoke and fire

Intrusion, security and motion

Power and battery level

Gas leaks


Location and movement (GPS)

Equipment start and stop
Call us at 877-621-2628 for more information.

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