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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
My critics there were an interesting collection .,only one of whom had ever built or cruised in a steel boat, and only very limited coastal cruising at that. One was a cowboy ( "Never built a steel boat , but I welded up a lot of steel fencepost so I know a lot about steel boat building"). Another was building his first steel boat, an abortion, so he became an instant expert, claiming to know more about steel boat building than some one who had built dozens. He will discover the true skill of his designer when he first sits down on his setee and the side deck whacks him in the back of the head( on a 38 footer!) Many of my clients have upgraded form that design which all have considered a huge improvement.
Anyone backing me up on that site, including Coast Guard, were all attacked and accused of being me under an alias. Some instantly began receiving threatening emails. Dudly Dix was briefly on that site. He sent me an email saying he was attacked and threatened for having something nice to say about Ganley designs.
The attacks on me became racist, and one white South African stated he was " A racist and proud of it." He also posted on that site a that all torch cuts must be thoroughly ground, then posted on another site that "A good cut needs no grinding."
Another claiming to be a naval architect stated that shape has no effect on stiffness. ( A square submarine pressure hull, or a square propane bottle is just as strong as a round one? Ya sure) He also claimed that 13 inches of 3/16th plate is not as strong as three 5/16th inch shrouds, and that which has worked for decades without failure , just may fail in its first 4 hours.
Another ,very childish individual claimed that the 1.08 million pounds of tensile strength hi holding the inside of each of my twin keels on was irrelevant. He tried to take his arguments to the origamiboats site, and was quickly laughed off the stage.
Sad to see so much downright dishonesty. Hard to imagine that someone could expect that it would go unnoticed. And all about info that's on public record which is a bit dumb.

I'm the one Brent refers to as "claiming to be a Naval Architect"
I'm a PEng who works as a prof marine engineer. The anecdote above attributed to me is typical of Brent. It's also a complete distortion. I didn't make the claim about a square pressure hull. Nor anything about "13 inches of steel plate......." In fact what usually happens is that Brent makes it up something silly, attributes it someone, posts several times that they said it, then goes on to quote it on another forum.

Wynand the boilermaker and professional steel boatbuilder, who built such great examples of Dudly Dix's designs, didn't say he was a racist and proud of it. That's a bit of a sick statement. Nor were there any racist attacks on Brent. Everyone on BDnet treated him fairly, he just made a complete fool of himself. Again and Again. I like the one about the coastguard backing you (Brent) on that site, and then being attacked, that's getting creative beyond even a hint of distorted truth.

Nothing Brent posts can be taken as reality without checking the facts first but I guess everyone knows that by now. I think this spiel of Brent's will make a few people angry since it's quite objectionable.

PS, Sorry my first post is a bit of a rant

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