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Re: Downside of living aboard

guess I'm doing it all wrong.
been sailing since I was 10 or 12 I guess,can't really remember. knew living and traveling by boat was my calling all along. The mistake I made was listening to others who could not understand that lifestyle. therefore they all discouraged me by telling me it was unrealistic and that I was foolish and would eventually grow up and realize that it was not possible or sustainable.
So,I spent years trying to conform to a land based existence,always feeling unfulfilled.
I tried all the " normal " stuff,college, army,trade school, working a job, small bussiness, volunteer, etc.
Always feeling lacking, empty, unfulfilled and as if I was wasting my life by not following my original dream.
always coming back to the water.
finally I stopped listening to others and followed my desire to be on the water.
first w/ a stinkpot then a series of sailboats, having figured out that motor boating was not economically within my grasp for the long run.
Every boat I ever acquired was either a boatyard cast off or a distressed vessel. the most I ever paid for a boat was $2000 my current boat. I've sailed and lived aboard my current boat w/ my family since my daughter was 2 or 3 she will be 10 come January,it's about all she has known.
we do have a house, cars,trucks, motor cycles, etc. and we have lived aboard in marinas when gainfully employed at 9-5 jobs, but mostly lived on the hook and dingied to shore and bicycle.
rowing and bicycling has probably kept me alive as b4 I made the change I was unhappy, and weighed almost 400lbs.
now I'm much happier and a good bit smaller!
Another advantage is I've had the chance to spend almost every day w/ my family and we got to see a perspective of the east coast of the US from Tampa to lake Erie, few get to see from a sailboat.
now we're back in Florida for the winter at the house and the only downside is we're not aboard.
The upside is we know what works for us,and look forward to working through a few things to get back aboard asap.
I now have a port in Florida, one in the Chesapeake in VA. one in NY. and soon one in the Chesapeake!
it's taken me a while to figure out what works for me/us, but we're doing it. for that I thank the lord unceasingly.
We strive to live simply, and stay focused and not be distracted by the shiny things that can rob us of our goal.
As for the vessel size, it's 32'CC only because we started w/ 4dogs and a 2yr old. I was quite happy w/ the 24' if not for the dogs, I would have kept it. the dogs have since all passed away and are planted along the east coast now. but I doubt we'll change vessels as it's paid for and after all the miles quite familiar.
As for systems and such. the further we sail, the less we need. manual water pumps, no pressure hot water and I'm considering getting rid of the washer/dryer,although I do enjoy the frigerator and icemaker! and solar has proven very dependable.
we have never had insurance but could if we wanted it's a couple hundred dollars a year for liability and a survey is NOT required through progressive (which is who we use for house, car,bike, etc)
the first trip up and down the coast we got a towUS unlimited but never needed or used it,except for piece of mind.
it's taken us a few years, but we've figured out what we like and more important, WHERE we like. I think that is the most important aspect, determining your likes as finding the places and people that you enjoy.
For us it's out of the way quiet small places for longer staying, and.
occasionally a week in sailing friendlier bigger places like Annapolis, Tampa, NY. but the traveling is the best.
I wish I would have figured it out earlier in life so I could have had more time to enjoy it,but I'll take what I got,and am thankful for it
One last thing, the longer I live it,the less I feel compelled to share what I have learned, sadly I feel I need to keep some things a secret so that others don't come along and ruin some of the aspects of the quiet, friendly, uncrowded places we like the best.
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