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Re: Would you rather own a sailboat or a RV?

Originally Posted by arvicola-amphibius View Post
Depends on how much importance you place on delaying brain atrophy. An RV is hardly going to challenge the mind. A boat, on the other hand, will always have something to fix, plus outsmarting wind and tide has to be good for the neurons.
In the off-sailing season, supplement the boat with a motor bike and bedroll and camp out under the stars. Medical research indicates that staying alive on a motor bike is also good for the brain.
When I am too old to sail and ride, they can put me in a sack and send me to Davey Jones.
Well my friend you should have been with me last month then. Was in the Tahoe national forest hiking for a few days back in a jeep/ horse only area and there was a fire. The fire blocked the main roads no big deal I could have waited for the fire to be put out but I decided to take a road out that I hadn't been on in years. Well my camper is light only about 2000 lb loaded so I decided to go out via this old jeep road. The road became steeper and steeper with lots of hair pin slanted turns that made the camper lean pretty good. Got to the top of the mountain and started down to find that road closed so had to take a skid trail down to the Soda Springs road which we made ok. At this point I figured I was home clear just another fifty miles of poor dirt rock road and we could have a beer. Ran into a guy on a bike that said I should go back cause the road was washed out. Well I wasn't about to go back so decided to head on down the road. A storm had indeed washed out the road for almost 1/2 mile which we negotiated very very slowly and carefully until we came to the part where the mountain side had slide off into the canyon. I sent an hour or two studying the slide and thought I may be able to make it so I went for it. I made it but barely, the camper was not correctly centered on the truck when I managed to get past the slide but it was still there. Time for a beer.
no my friend driving down the interstate type rv-in is not my cup of tea. come join me sometime, its fun.
one good thing is on this trip I was not pulling a boat
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