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Re: Cruising yachts behaving if they're doing us a favour

Originally Posted by bljones View Post
Stating a charge for passage weeds out the (at the risk of being reported for the cardinal sin of "name-calling") wimps, whiners and wannabes. Those who balk at the fee either aren't serious or expect to be treated like passengers, not crew. Those who say "yeah, that's fair, it almost covers my rum intake" are welcome.
when you get right down to it no one should object to paying part of the expense of their fun and games. Everything costs money without witch there are no fun in games or food on the table. My neighbor takes me to the store dosent charge me but I reciprocate to him so in away we each are sharing the cost. I think what people are really complaining about here are so called freeloaders that never want to pay for anything and are always looking for ways to get others to pay for their fun. Those jerks should be anchored
Don't laugh, why not. By filling in for an anchor they will in away be paying there way right?