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Re: do you carry an acoustic Guitar?

Whoa Batman, very nice looking guitar, beautiful wood. Are the f-holes painted on or do they have some electronic function?

I love gorgeous wood, but it's not on mine. I sometimes call the vintage series Martin I have "Jane" as in "Plain Jane". Not a bit of decoration, beautiful sound only. The spruce top has vertical grain lines about 100/th of an inch apart near the bridge, opening rapidly as it approaches the sides to a wide spacing of around 1/8th inch. I've wondered if this contributes to the nice sound, being stiffer where far from the side support, and looser where reinforced by the sides of the box, so it can still move/resonate across the whole top.

No label in there, I just looked. Stamped into the neck block is the model, "Vintage Series OOO-28VS".

Not that my guitars have a hard life , but I notice the brass plated snaps on the case are slightly corroded, and the chrome? tuning knobs are very dull. The guitar itself is still in beautiful shape, the humidity affecting the metal poorly but the wood likes it.

It's more important to me to use my good things while I'm alive. For awhile I shot competitive smallbore riflery. I'd always been the best shot I knew till I joined a club where I was the worst, and the best (from NH) seemed to be from another planet. They kindly coached me. I purchased an Anschutz Olympic style rifle, very heavy and adjustable, for several thousand dollars. I have a Unertl 2 inch scope with actual black widow spider silk crosshairs in it. At first I was afraid to mar the beautiful surface on the extra fine wood. Then one day during a match I noticed my trigger finger touched the fine wood stock as I released the position adjustable trigger.

At that point I made a life decision to do what's best. I pulled out my sheath knife and carved off the offending piece of the stock, thereby destroying the resale value. I also went on the become (in time) state champion about 6 times over. One year after quitting I went back to my last state championship to allow the new champ to beat the old. I won again and never went back.

My point???????????

Do what's best for your short life, never mind resale value. Take your good guitars with you. Don't worry about wearing things out, use them. If you use up/wear out your rifle/sailboat/guitar that's good, you used it enough and it's time to get a new one.

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