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Re: Downside of living aboard

This is a pretty good post. I rarely feel the need to throw in my 2 cents, but I think this might help people that are on the fence about it.

Let me start off by saying that I have only been living aboard for a little over half a year now, and I love it. Granted I found a way to sort of cheat. I'm renting my boat, a 26' westerly, which I'm not sure I would trust sailing as the case were. But for me this was a lucky break, because it gives me the opportunity to try out living aboard without the downside of having to buy the boat first. This being said, I'm just waiting for the right boat to come along to go full in, on the hook, and cruise after it's fitted right.

Here is a question I think many would-be LA's should ask themselves. When you go camping, are you the car camping type with propane stove, giant heavy tent, cooler full of beer, who sets up camp near the car? Or are you like I was, small backpacking tent, or hammock, bottle of whiskey, hiked for at least 5 miles to get away from the crowds, and went about it in a very minimalist way, and could go for a week plus with a 40lb pack?

Now if you have never been camping, I suggest you try it, especially when the weather is going to be sour (i.e. raining for a weekend) because that is probably the cheapest way to see if you will like living in a small space, where if it's raining, you will get wet unless you stay inside the whole time. The first 2 weeks after moving aboard, it rained almost non-stop, and I loved every minute of it.

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