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Re: Would you rather own a sailboat or a RV?

Originally Posted by TJC45 View Post
On point that is being missed by some here is a key difference between RVs and boats. That is an RV is a means to an end. That end being the adventure you will find at the end of the road. A boat is an adventure in itself.

The poster who wrote that RVs do not challenge the mind has obviously never driven an RV. OK, I'm not gonna compare driving an RV with piloting a sailboat to Tahiti, but gotta tell you when you've got 45 ft of motor home pulling a car on a dolly, which means you can't back up, you really have to plan every move. Even stopping for fuel becomes a game of access and turning room. And rest areas can become traps.

Then there are days where things don't go right. Like coming off a ramp from I-10 in Florida at 6am and your Grand Cherokee that has very obediently followed the motor home all the way from Jersey decides it needs to cross four lanes of traffic all by itself! Good news was it didn't cause a crash! Better news was it didn't roll over as it went down the embankment on the far side of the highway. Less good was the tow bill and the repair charge for a new tow bar.

So challenge? Yeah it has its days!!!
do you think driving a 40ft motorhome on todays highways is not an adventure?
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