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Re: Signatures

Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
All of this strikes my chuckle bone and tickles my noggin.

Back when, Alex started Anything-Sailing because he got tired of being censored here - both for anti-vendor rants and for his occasional over the top OT posts and picture edits.

He wanted a forum he could be himself in, so he made one.
I was asked to moderate it a couple months after it started. Oh, wow. A no rules OT side and a 'family friendly' sailing side with kids and such on it.

It took about 6 months to shut down the political side, 6 more to make the rest of OT a ghost town and then it drifted along slowly for another year before even I got fed up with some of the unfiltered comments in the sailing side and left the forum (about a year ago) and came back here.

I like it better my way - just ban them, this is a sailing forum.
Being one of the early adopters of AS, it wasn't the structure of that forum that did it in - or even the politics. It was the attitude of the people - and specifically the owner. It was always a "my way or the highway" environment. Those don't work.

Alex predicted doom and gloom for Sailnet for years - eventually saying I had "ruined the place" ("Smacknet"/"Squirrelnet" anyone?) and that it would die a slow death because the "valuable people" had left. Well, Sailnet is doing great. AS is gone. And I had very little to do with either.

All that to say, I've always loved SN precisely because of the way its moderated. The moderation is fair. The motives are good. The members are good. What's not to like?

I've never had a problem with PRWG...I almost never posted there. I agree that those guys sometimes don't know how to leave the knives at the door when they come into the sailing threads - but they're usually kept in check fairly well.

In any case, I support whatever the mods here think is best. I trust them.

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