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Re: What liquor and wine do you stock on Board

I prefer not having glass aboard so beers, wines etc. are in cans, tetrapacks/boxes etc.

I always have Guinness aboard. I love Guinness, not only because is the best beer in the multiverse but it tastes great even when it isn't icy cold (some say 'better' even). This works for extended cruising when I may not run my fridge.

I also usually have a pilsner, or lighter style for those who prefer it. My wife will occasionally want a beer. Her being married to me is evidence to the fact that her taste is questionable, so often I will stock what we refer to as "5hitty beer", otherwise known as Old Milwaukee.

I always have a whisky (Glenlivet 15 yr); a rum (Pusser's British Navy) and a vodka (Wyrborowa - a Polish vodka that, in blind tastings I - and others - found to be better than Stoly, Grey Goose etc. at a fraction of the price).

As I said I prefer having no glass aboard, so I transfer the liquors into these Nalgene containers:

The whisky in the green one; the rum in the red one; and the vodka in the blue one - leading to some hilarity when a guest brought his drinking water along in the same blue nalgene container.

As far as wines go: white is usually pinot grigio in a 1 litre tetra box. It's pretty versatile and most people like it.

This is the one we often get:

We go through more red wine so we will buy the 4 litre boxes. The trouble is that the cardboard can get wet or damp and soggy, so we devised a device, which we call 'the Wine Tit'. We took a neoprene lunch tote and cut a hole in the bottom corner. The hole is just big enough for the nozzle of the wine bag to poke through. We take the wine bag out of the box and put it into the 'Tit', which can then be hung in a convenient spot. The lunch tote will hold a 4 liter wine bag. Works well for us.

In addition the the above par items I will often have ciders, coolers, pre-mixed drinks (Caesars etc.). We don't often have liqueurs etc. due to the no-glass rule. When I need a Carolan's fix I head to my friend's boat....

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