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Re: The Ocean is broken? really?

Cargo Cult Science by the late Richard Feynmann should be required reading for everyone and it is a fun read. When pressed during the shuttle disaster has he proved the o rings get brittle in cold removed some material from a water glass in front of him and broke it before the committee.

The problem is people are motivated by emotion, especially fear, and rarely absolute logic. So, I can come out with a product and call it the Magical Cure and hire a lab to do a study and report the results. I am hiring them to prove Magical Cure works, so they are going to account for supporting data and discount unsupportive data regardless of whether it changes the end hypothesis or not.

Al Gore is screaming the world is coming to an end and making millions and living like a king for doing so. Jimmy Carter turned the heat down in the White House and made other personal sacrifices. Which is a better leader?

Currently if a storm forms in the Atlantic, the same type computer models that will predict the path and intensity of that storm are being used to prove that not only is the earth warming, but man is completely responsible for it. If you apply logic to that hypothesis, then you simplify the problem to a proven baseline of too many of any single species without natural population control will deplete resources. Hang on there.... We can't say that.

You should be able to extrapolate that the author points out a very definable and perceivable problem. But what the politicians are telling us today is to not build a coal fired plant that powers a start up company that manufactures portable sewage treatment plants, or portable plastic recycling plants that shred bottles and tires and turn them into long lasting paved roads to be used in developing countries. They are using an emotional issue to win votes and increase tax revenues as well as achieving personal wealth and gain.

When Al Gore gives up the jet, a few of his mansions and gives his wealth to developing solutions instead of being the poster child for creating the problem he is warning us about, then we'll talk.

Until then, you want to buy a bottle of Magical Cure? It is proven by independent labs to work Magic.
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