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Re: All is Lost

Originally Posted by rbrasi View Post
If you read the linked story, the Director is an avid sailor, enough to have chosen a pretty specific boat to sink. Don't get all twisted up in accuracy because this is not a movie for sailors, it is for the masses who would not understand the proper protocol, or what kind of tools one uses while atop the mast or whether said boat has a Bimini (?). Seriously, questioning the quality of a movie based on a few technical details is like telling Chef2sail that Lawry's makes the best prime rib. Just see the damn movie, let the story and character determine its worth. I know I am (sans Admiral, of course).
I could say the same about "Captain Phillips"....(not a movie for professionals, for the masses, etc), but at least Tom Hanks sounds like a merchant captain on the radio. Redford should have done a Butch Cassidy sequel, but I guess he's too old to ride a horse or jump off cliffs into rivers. :-) (BTW, if you haven't seen Capt. Phillips, do!)

For that matter, there are numerous examples of getting the technical things right....Top Gun, Hunt for Red October, Blackhawk Down.....Zero Dark Thirty...

IMHO, when you get the tech stuff right it makes for a better movie....usually it's not that hard. If the writers and directors can't make the effort....well it tells you something about how stupid they think the audience is.
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