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Re: The Ocean is broken? really?

Originally Posted by Tenoch View Post
...we have got to start taking care of our planet.
I am all for this. I am the guy who can't walk past a gum wrapper lying on the floor. I hate litter and refuse to throw anything - ashore or at sea - into anything other than the appropriate bin.

But I am a realist and I know the average citizen is NEVER going to do this. The US and the states have had never ending anti-litter campaigns and penalties for littering since I was a kid. Have they worked? Nope and they never will. You will find a community here and there across the globe where it's hard to find litter. In general the wealthier countries in Europe are much cleaner than poorer non-European countries.

I live on a 2 mile long dead end road that is very rural with few families living along it. It is pastoral and most visitors along our road come to our community because they appreciate its natural beauty and wildness. It's a great place to picnic and swim in the river and camp on the extensive sand and gravel bar and to launch a boat to enjoy the river. And every weekend as the visitors make their exodus they leave the detritus of their visit that they don't leave on the sandbar along the roadside as they make their way back to the main highway.

They do the same thing while on the river. They toss their trash out of the boat into the river to wash into the marshes and the bays.

The average Joe and Jane are lazy and uncaring. Not all...but the average. And half are more lazy and uncaring than the average. Many of them treat the home they live in the same way they treat the planet.

I don't know how you change this. In the US perhaps we could require everyone who's on the dole turn in a hundred pounds of trash a week to receive their benefits. Surely the forty seven million of them could make a dent in it.
“Sailors, with their built in sense of order, service and discipline, should really be running the world.” – Nicholas Monsarrat
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