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Re: Islander 36 electric inboard? diy

guys I appreciate all the effort but this isnt intended to be a thread on if it will work or if its plausible...

first off not even the guys who use forklift motors or golfcart motors use 12 volts because of the huge gauge wire needed and implausible battery bank

2. most conversion kits use 48vdc volts for small to midsize conversions...
I have seen a few big conversions using a 25kw motor...but they run at 144volts. some conversion kits run at 72, 96 volts etc...

3. 10kw would be max draw or hp, for cruising 2-3 hours you would be using maybe 5kw...most guys doing conversions see 40-50 amp draws when at cruising rpms. Some a lot less on the 25-30feet sailboats.

4. there are plenty of guys with small boats who have done this with a 4 battery bank or 2 4 battery banks with around 250ah capacity.
My question was whether someone has used this small AUXILIARY package on a bigger sized boat.

5. Nobody with a diesel ever cruises at max rpm, even when off a leeshore...first off they can never acheive max rpm..

thanks again.
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