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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by olianta View Post
Hi there,

Let mi say that despite many doubts I made up my mind and placed an order for a new Luffe 37.09 a little bit customised according to my needs. The keel would be 1.85 instead of the standard 1.70 to get a stiffer boat (though already the CG Og Luffe 37.09 is lower than that of Luffe 37). I thin that with a B/D of 44% and the CG further low I will have a stable, stiff and fast upwind boat. The mast is moved back a few centimeters in order to enjoy a self-tacking jib adequate to the mainsail: 25/24 sq.m., instead of the standard 26/25 sq.m. This is 2 sq.m. less sail area than the standard configuration but still enjoying an almost 20 SA/D. The reverse sloping stern will have a small teak covered bathing platform with an additional step. Cockpit benches will be extended from 1.30 to 1.70 in order to be able to lie, but with the extension can be removed in order to be able to steer standing if wished placing feet comfortably when'd the boat is heeled on the leeward side of the sloped teak floor. The hull and deck will be vacuum molded with epoxy with balsa core (Oluf uses foam core in polyester hulls only). I wanted to retain the bridge deck (though my wife dislikes it) on which there is a recess for the traveller). I will have a spinnaker pole but instead of a spinnaker I will have a code 1 sail which I liked vey much for easy sailing in lighter winds, which is easily hoisted on its own fulrler, which you can even keep rolled without need to immediate removal. Oluf says that if poled out you can sail it even dead downwind. There will be some modifications inside as well. I know the boat is narrow and tight inside but almost all of the time I will be singlehandling it in the Black Sea and the Med (no ocean sailing and no extended trips in opens sea). But as the saying does better grace than space.The instruments will be placed on a board above the companion way and there will be solar panel on the cabin roof. Integrated autopilot (though a rather expensive option) will be fitted. There are many other details to sort out. The good thing with this boatyard is that you can ask for advice and modifications. The smallest (now in terms of weight and beam) Luffe is a long time bestseller of the yard and they have done a lot to improve the model during the years (and I believe my future boat will be in the same line of improvements).

Ok, this was related to the postings about pros and cons regarding cruising in a smaller performance oriented boat and I wish that my future Luffe 37.09 will be both traditional and modern interesting boat.

Congrats on your purchase, Rumen. I am sure you will be happy with that choice. And don't let anyone tell you the Oceanis 38 would have been a better choice. Ridiculous!!
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