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Re: Inflatable Kayaks

We use a sea eagle, the larger one (370). We like it. It's better to think of it as an inflatable canoe.

When you get in or out, step in the side-to-side center.

Our boat is on a mooring, we use it to get out to the boat, and to carry supplies. The 370 has the extra length that provides more weight carrying ability, and more room for gear. Longer boats track and work better than short ones. We tow it when sailing.

The ends stick up like a canoe, so they catch the wind. If trying to go into the wind alone, sit closer to the upwind end and the tail will want to face downwind. Might do better going backwards, having weight over the skegs helps tracking. With two people it works great. We do know how to canoe.

I have other inflatables and hard canoes and a hard kayak, including an old town canoe the same size. I prefer the sea eagle 370.

When anchored out in a driving rain I can just flip it upside down and not have it fill with water and yank on the line. As mentioned, it is more stable then a hard canoe.

Regular wide inflatable boats really need a motor to enjoy, I call them "turtle shaped". The canoe shape cruises fairly well with paddles, and has less drag when towed.

After the first day we stopped using the seats. They take up a lot of room. A square floatation boat cushion jams down in and fits perfectly. We don't even carry the seats on the sailboat anymore. We do carry a patch kit, and manual pump. This year I got two 12V electric pumps and let them do most of the work, then top off with the manual pump. Big improvement. The 12V pump I like the best is the Airhead small yellow pump, item# AHP-12H. I carry the 12V in the vehicles, on board we have a tiny shop vac that doubles as an inflator. We have a couple manual pumps, for vehicles and the sailboat.
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