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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Nobody had said that an Oceanis 38 would be a better choice to Rumen. If he had choose that boat after sailing that boat 37.09 and the 3.6 for sure that for him the 37.09 is the boat he wants regarding how the boat sails, feels, looks and the type of interior.

What I have said was that for living extensiveness aboard the Oceanis 38 is a better boat and not even regarding Rumen's choice but the Luffe 3.6. But that applies also to the 37.09 tha has not standing height and an even smaller interior, comparing with the 36.6 that has already standing height. The interior space and storage is incomparably bigger on the Oceanis.

I believe Rumen is not planning to live extensively on his sailboat.

I was not talking about Rumen choice (37.09) but comparing the recent Luffe 3.6 with the Oceanis 38 regarding advantages and disadvantages regarding cruising.

Certainly the Oceanis 38 will be a better choice for many and that is one of the reasons why it is going to be much more popular than the Luffe 3.6, even if not so beautiful, not even close. That is also why Beneteau, the bigger boat builder, that uses the best NA, is not proposing boats designed along the same lines and criteria Luffe's are designed: They do not answer the needs and desires of most cruisers.




One reflection I have with all these test is that, as I have said before, it is very difficult to evaluate the numbers that are given. For instance the Solaris 37 tested in Sweden with Salona 38 and Elan 400 had 2,4m keel, carbon mast, very expensive sails and no inventory nor any equipment. The Elan was a "special edition" for the norwegian importers personal use for competitions, it did not even have an anchor windlass nor any sign of wood anywhere on deck.

How many normal customers will buy boats like these - very, very few. And after that they will load them down. One boat can perhaps take this without a big loss in speed while others suffer more.

And furthermore, it is vey difficult to calibrate instruments, it can take a whole season for me and then I need to recalibrate due to growth on paddle wheel...

Luffe 36,6 doing 9 knots with normal sails in 17 knots thrue? Hm, perhaps but I guess once again in best equipment state and no load. And we will not sail like that normally.

And then we try to get access to test sail ourselves and still meet boats like those above and no wind (very often) or too much wind (seldeom).

So end result is that we tend to buy, testsail and sell. Or?

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