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Re: Signatures

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Being one of the early adopters of AS, it wasn't the structure of that forum that did it in - or even the politics. It was the attitude of the people - and specifically the owner. It was always a "my way or the highway" environment. Those don't work.

Alex predicted doom and gloom for Sailnet for years - eventually saying I had "ruined the place" ("Smacknet"/"Squirrelnet" anyone?) and that it would die a slow death because the "valuable people" had left. Well, Sailnet is doing great. AS is gone. And I had very little to do with either.

All that to say, I've always loved SN precisely because of the way its moderated. The moderation is fair. The motives are good. The members are good. What's not to like?

I've never had a problem with PRWG...I almost never posted there. I agree that those guys sometimes don't know how to leave the knives at the door when they come into the sailing threads - but they're usually kept in check fairly well.

In any case, I support whatever the mods here think is best. I trust them.
Originally Posted by Classic30 View Post
Well, I'm glad it wasn't my doing then. Alex couldn't stop insulting people and wasn't pulled up by the remaining mods - so I walked away and never looked back.

I did feel very sorry for CKG after all the work he'd put in..
Yea, AS has become a bit of a ghost town, but the activity that is over there now is relatively on topic. It was at one point a good community. I think as Alex got more serious about his racing is when it seemed to take a turn. He seemed to get all serious about himself and seemed to loose his sense of humor. I still check on posts over there as there is some knowledge and the lower post count is actually good, as many posts are actually about sailboats and sailing.

Now his "Photoshopping" is funny, but I guess some folks have thin skin, and he had a very good point about some of the on topic censorship going on around here and that was wrong. But I understand why it was done. Funny thing is his site allowed it and they did not get sued, and I don't think they ever got any threats of it. Well perhaps about the Ronca, but in the end it was Ronca that caved.

I am a member of several different forums on different subjects and for me all of them that have a large off topic section take a turn for the worse and I think it was the off topic that did in AS. It just creates acrimony among the members. It is good for post counts and brings in new members. The problem is a lot of those members are not really on the site for the sailing. I don't want to know someone's political or religious beliefs as it is unimportant to me, if they have knowledge to share.
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