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Re: Walker Bay-Beware

"Personally, I have a tough time with one-sided undocumented internet slams."
So, the NYS AG's office, announcing that they'd found 25% of all internet "reviews" to be outright frauds from paid reviewers who often have never stepped outside of China or India yet somehow reviewed businesses in NY....might be right?

"What "President" doesn't have the ability to"
Oh heck, who hasn't been unlucky enough to be told "this is how you will do your job" and if you don't like it, there's the door. And ignoring the bosses who do have the power, but would rather raise the profit line and their own bonus. What's the saying, nice guys finish last?

I once worked at a business where the owners (plural) liked to play games. "Do this, right now!" but the other guy said "Don't tell me what he said, I said do this now" and then half an hour later the other owner comes over and says "Why isn't my stuff ready?" well...ask your partner. President? Isn't necessarily the final word. Not that it matters.

Yeah yeah, Benelli (a family business that's a thousand years old), LLBean, 3M, Lands End, there's a nice short list of folks who prove that doing business reputably is good for business in the long term. And then again there's the host of places like Enron and BOA's mortgage department, who proved that crime pays, too.

Business, politics, bedfellows, bedbugs...One never knows until one gets intimate.

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