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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

I got news for you MarkofSeaLife. Polution is the cause of Gobal Warming. Air polution by the exstream continued use of fossil fuels can and is changing the chemical make up of the air we breath; seen pictures out of major Chinesse cities on the TV new lately. The changing of the chemical make up of the air is allowing more radiation through to heat the earth and oceans. The earth is a huge heat sink that takes billions and billions of BTU's to change even 1 degree in tempature but we have been changeing the air for a hundred years now and now the earth is heating up.
Larger problem, if we don't stop this heating soon the tempature will continue to rise faster and faster. (Thermo class 101) We humans live in a rather narrow tempature range. The things we live on, i.e. food, live in about the same range. When the dural tempatures start exceeding that narrow range continuiously we die, our food dies, get it..
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