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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

Originally Posted by The Ol Man View Post
Polution is the cause of Gobal Warming.

Global warming or climate change? Gotta keep those terms straight otherwise the rubes will catch onto the fact that the whole issue is a political scam that uses emotion and shaky "science" to prove that Lincoln was right..."you can fool some of the people all of the time".

Air polution by the exstream continued use of fossil fuels can and is changing the chemical make up of the air we breath; seen pictures out of major Chinesse cities on the TV new lately.

The air we breathe is a mixture of gases. CO2 is a trace gas among a host of them that make up a miniscule part of the air we breathe. What you see in the pics of China are mostly colloids that will settle - like dust - a localized problem that can be handled with a local solution. Used to be widespread here...then we stopped manufacturing stuff and passed the Clean Air Act and enforced it and scrubbed most of that stuff out of our air.

The changing of the chemical make up of the air is allowing more radiation through to heat the earth and oceans. Huh? I think you need to revisit this opinion.

Larger problem, if we don't stop this heating soon the tempature will continue to rise faster and faster. (Thermo class 101) Is that the fourth law of thermo? Guess we never studied that one.

We humans live in a rather narrow tempature range. The things we live on, i.e. food, live in about the same range. When the dural tempatures start exceeding that narrow range continuiously we die, our food dies, get it.. Yeah...narrow temperature range. For example folks can only live in the Arctic at 0F or so...and in the deserts of Arabia at 120F or so...real narrow compared to absolute zero or the boiling point. But on the scale of anticipated/modeled changes or observed changes it's like cranking up the thermostat a bit.
Why do people travel to the warmest spots on this blue orb to vacation? There are a few people who enjoy activities requiring snow and ice but - for the most part - we all dream of sailing to tropical or near-tropical places. Must be because warm is bad!!!

Wouldn't it be great if the entire planet had a 365 day growing season? Then we could grow a LOT of the things we live on i.e. food.

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