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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

Jwing and unimacs
It has been proven that we can change, you in your lifetime have seen it. Can we change it more and faster? Yes I belive it can be done. I have a feeling that mother nature is going to give us some assistance and soon. I assume that you have seen the picutres in the new out of China, Much more that level of polution and people will start dying, not just a few but hundreds perhaps thousands. Remember the furrer after the earth quakkes destoryed the schools in China? Think about it, if California had not push through air polution limits LA could be looking like that now too.
You mentioned solar power in Europe kicking our butts, How many wind farms have been built resently? Solar power plants are in the works too. Electric cars are being built and bought as fast as they build them. Major car companies have changed entire production lines to produce more efficent carbon base fuels vehicles and hybrids that are even better.
You are too young to remember WWII but after the shock of Pearl Harbor sunk in This country, good old U.S. of A. turned an entire national econome around in less than two years and became the biggest war materials producer in the world. We invented more, produced more and better than any country or nation in the world had ever seen or know
could be done. It wasn't easy or cheap, we did without a lot to make it happen but we did it.
This situation is like that in many ways. Many people before the war predicted it was coming, but as a whole the nation and its leadership would not listen. The problem is not ours, it's somewhere else, it isn't effecting me and mine,. ignore it, it's been that way for years, what do you expect me to do about it. Sound like 9/11 to you.
Well I see it this way, sooner than we think something major is going to happen and wake this country and the rest of the world up to the fact that something has got to be done. The more people that are doing the little things, proveing that it can be done the better off we will be, and the faster the bigger things will happen.
What are the little things? Some one in these posts mentioned candy wrapers made of mylar, and plastic bubble packaging. What would happen is several hundred people simply wrote a letter to the company stating I like your product but I will not buy it because it is packaged in a non biodegradable wrapper. Believe me, it will get some attention. If and they probably will send back a letter telling you that their packaging is that way to keep it fresher longer or something to that effect simply tell them that's all well and good but I will eat it in less that a week and a biodegradable wrapper will keep it fresh for a week but the mylar wrapper is still be here a hundred years from now, or something to that effect.
Remember these companies are in bissness to sell their products. They are constantly taking surveys to modify as necessary their product to meet the wants, likes, demands of the customers. Unsolisited comments have a big impact, more than 10 to 1, of company spondsered surveys, a few hundred letters bout the same thing is the equivilant of thousands.
Want another little thing. Not to long ago it was announced that standard incondesant light bluds were being phased out of production because small flurecent bulbs could be
produced that used markedly less power and lasted longer. (Everybody cheer) But they didn't bother to make a big deal out of the fact that these bulbs contain mercury and should not be put into the trash but should be safely, properly desposed of. OK, aaah where? The store that sold them didn't want them back, they didn't know what to do with them. City, county dumps would not take them, though they did for awhile before somebody informed them that they contained mercury and they were contaminating run off into streams, rivers, lakes and ground waters. Hey, thats our drinking water.
Well letters to city and county government asking to provide us with a place to dispose of these light blubs and you find a desposal or recycling center, its part of your job or we will replace you with some one who will. Polite, simple, little things done by many will and can make a difference.
Do the little things now and the bigger things will happen
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