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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Originally Posted by oceangirl View Post
I signed the petition. Let me know if there if a particular person I can write in the gov, chaps my hide they are giving you slack. Being found, after this time frame of being lost at sea, is not out of the realm of possibilities.

God bless
Once into the sea are you still American or Brit? When do you become a simple human in need of help? Should all technology be beamed to a splinter of a splinter of the oceans because Americans or Brits are lost? 300 African migrants died trying to reach Italy in the last week, 700 or 800 refugees ( as of 10/25/2013 - check in the morning) were rescued by the Italian Coast Guard. Broken up boatloads of Haitians are rescued or die almost daily off Florida. New Jersey fishermen and sailors have kept the local US Coast Guard bases busy. I suspect the CG has not had much of a break on any of the US coasts in recent times.
I support every effort made to rescue the wayward or hapless mariner within reason, but as a taxpayer it "chaps my hide" to chase apparent ghosts six months gone, especially when they are half a world away.
If "God" were blessing every voyage would any boat go missing?
"6 Americans, 1 Brit" = 7 more souls gone to the sea.
Honor their path. If they come back celebrate their miracle.
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