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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Everyone is entitled to their point of view, brother. You make some great points which we should address. All of us, including ALL the people with Texas Equusearch, are unpaid volunteers. Our biggest expense is for search aircraft. No one is making any money on this effort and many have donated over 1,000 hours and a lot of money. Funds come from the community.

Digital Globe has trained satellites all over the world to help people in distress. They recently used the Tomnod program in the Colorado floods, but they also go to very remote places to help those in need. As I understand it, the satellites don't change orbit, they change angle of photography. They are not taking many pics of the Tasman Sea while flying over it. I can't think of a better use for these private (not government) satellites than saving lives.

I am a sailor with my own lost at sea story. When I got into trouble I really wanted someone to help, but far outside of radio range, and not willing to pop the EPIRB and lose the investment I worked my life to have, I stuck it out. For me, it was only 7 days. I was stuck there in gale conditions with a broken rudder and crew spaced out on sea sickness drugs. As a sailor I have learned I must do everything I can to save myself. However, if I were aboard the Nina, I would want everything possible done to help. This new technology will eventually make it more cost effective and not place lives at risk giving that help. This is simple common sense.

They held a eulogy for John Glennie. It is not for me to play God and declare people dead.

Despite the most exhaustive search in the history of New Zealand, not one scrap of evidence was found showing the Nina sank. Extensive shore line searches were performed. There is a very strong possibility the Nina is up and the crew in good health. There is lots of rain water in the Tasman and lots of fish. Fortunately, in the search team, there is a lot of faith, as well.

Thanks for the comments, perhaps we can agree to disagree.

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