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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

DigitalGlobe apparently bought up the Tomnod operation. They also list having 11 satellites, first listing says it has sub-meter resolution and repeats the entire planet every 3 days. (Which probably means the satellite is in a north-south polar orbit, and allowing the earth to slowly rotate under it, unlike the ISS or other spacecraft that are more or less orbiting over the equator and zipping around the earth all the time.)

Given that the Nina departed a known port at a known date, that should mean DG and Tomnod can start with that place and date, identify the boat, and unless cloud cover stops them, track it from there on until at some point it either disappears, or is located.

Not an easy job, but actually a fairly simple one given the resources they say they can provide. No need for government or military resources at all, when there are private ones of the same caliber.

Has such a project been started then? Or has any imagery of Nina before she left port been confirmed ?
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