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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Good thinking! Yes, archival footage has been checked. Nothing has been found which tracks this boat. Unless specifically tasked, the satellites don't shoot photos.

I found a photo on Google Earth of what I think is the Nina in Whangerai, NZ in December, 2012.

I can't think of a better use of US government satellites than to help US and British sailors. One day, we hope governments strapped for cash will be able to request the same of the US government which will make all sailors safer.

We all understand the old thinking in SAR at SEA searches. After so much effort, you are on your own, unless you happen to be the son of a senator or high ranking politician, and then no holds are barred.

This technology promises great advances to give sailors every chance possible when all goes wrong no matter who they are. It takes a case like this to advance the way the technology is used, which is why the families and TES have assembled ALL VOLUNTEER NASA scientists, fluid hydrologists, geophysicists, computer scientists, media people (like me), SAR experts, satellite photo reviewers and many more. One day, that which is taking a league of people to do now can be done fast with image recognition and friendly cooperation by governments. Someone in the Sailnet community will benefit.

Right now, we need the support of the sailing community to help put pressure on the US State Department, which, rather than offering help, asked for dental records. If nothing else, I personally hope we can at least prevent this indignity while an active search is in process.

Thanks for making great points and thanks to this wonderful community for supporting the search for the American treasure, the 1928 schooner, Nina, and her crew.

The enclosed photo is from Google Earth, likely a digital globe photo, of what I think is the Nina in Whangarei, NZ in December of 2012. Our tomnod images are not generally as clear. You can help us search for the Nina HERE.

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