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Re: NOAA To Stop Printing Nautical Charts

Originally Posted by TomMaine View Post
I found the same thing with a macbook. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but looking at the chargers;

macbook input @ 115 volts = 1.5 amp
Ipad2 input @ 115 volts = .15 amp

Then you can take the ipad further using a 12v charger, no converter. It charges at half the amperage.

Where as the macbook was a charging issue on my boat, the ipad is a non issue. For you with refrigeration, it's an undetectable usage.

Nice photo! When I first met you on the web, you were railing against digital cameras and the demise of film. (grin)
Hell, Tom - I still am... :-)

I'm pretty sure that one was originally shot on film, that summer's cruise was the last year I was still shooting film...

The comparison is certainly apt, however - I find the distinction between using paper and e-charts to be very much the same as that between shooting film and digital, the whole process is entirely different, for me...

Using film is a much more 'deliberate' endeavor, of course - you had to get it right in the camera to begin with, after all... That required an understanding of the nature of light and exposure, and how the film reacted to that... There were no 'do-overs', or until fairly late in my career, no 'saving' of blown images thru digital manipulation...

Today, pretty much anyone with a pulse can produce very high quality photographic images, even in challenging light situations, without any real understanding of exposure, or the other 'traditional' aspects of photography... Nothing wrong with that, of course, aside that it has made photography a far more difficult profession for those of us who have made a living from photography...

Just as e-charts, bow thrusters, and 'Sea Schools' have injected a whole new class of 'competition' into the yacht delivery business, for example... (grin)

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