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welding and welder options

I have a number of projects I want to do, working on a 4x4 and a small bus, I want to make a trailer and most importantly I have a lot of welding to do on a 75 yr old steel boat.

I'm a newbi weldor, I've used a 110v hobart MIG up til now. I like MIG.

However even in a boatyard, that thing is huge, heavy and unwieldy on the boat, and lacks power for other projects.

I'd like to get a decent welder that I can learn on and grow with, with the idea of being able to do mild, stainless and Aluminium. (up to 1/4" SS)

And eventually I'd like to be able to pack it up and take it on the boat with me.

So here's my problems:

In many ways, I think Oxi/Acetylene would be the best solution. No Power, can cut and weld pretty much everything, cheaper and easier to stow. And if I learned that, it'd be a real skill

But I'm not too enthused about having acetylene on the boat. (but I am thinking I could stow a tank(s) off the stern.

I really like the Miller maxstar or lincoln invertec machines. The size of a toaster and can do stick or tig. I think I'd use tig a lot in my garage, but on the ocean likely stick (wind) But those machines can't do aluminum. Bu I could show up in a marina and weld 'wherever' and I like that.

A miller Suitcase Mig welder, seems about the easiest to use, but is a little bigger, and can it do Aluminium?

A machine like a Dynasty 200 that can do ac/dc but it's a bit on the big side for stowing on the boat.

And... I'm actually not planning on having a big ole 7k gennie on board. I want to make a small 5hp diesel driving an alternator.

So, do you guys think it's even possible to run a 110 welder off a 3000w inverter? (8-10 6v trojan bank)

Which then brings up the idea of using a 4x4 welder like a premier power unit, but then again it's not going to be able to do aluminum And seems like the worst possible solution for ease of use in all my other projects I want to do around the house before i set sail, cuz before i could even start I'd have to build it and then lug around a motor whenever I want to use it.

So, do you guys have any thoughts, insights or opinions on any of this you can share with me?

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