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Re: NOAA To Stop Printing Nautical Charts

Originally Posted by TomMaine View Post
Being connected to our local photography school, that's total nonsense, Jon. A few pro's hung up their commercial gear as digital tech changed the industry, but most seized the opportunity.

Those successful pros today that lecture on their craft(I attend as many as I can), all started and made a living on film.

Similarly, most everyone I know today that navigates on digital charts, started piloting on paper. New tech is not the enemy. If you go up on the rocks with paper or digital, it's still your mistake.
Oh, I'll freely admit, I was extremely lax in making the switch to digital... I could afford to be at the time, as I was being paid quite handsomely by the world's 2nd-largest tobacco company to keep shooting film, which they and their ad agency still preferred... So, perhaps the 'process' is no different for others, but it certainly is, for me... Make no mistake, I have come to 'embrace' digital for its many advantages (just as I have come to embrace electronic navigation), but for me, at least, it still remains a very different mode of photography in certain respects, and there is a lot about shooting film that I will always miss...

But as one who has always derived a significant portion of income from stock photography, there is no denying it continues to become less and less lucrative, as the competition from vast numbers of some very talented and well-traveled 'amateurs' continues to increase... Seems that one of the ways long-time pros are making money these days, is through teaching, and workshops like the one up in Rockport, and several of my old colleagues are now involved in some aspect of photography that involves surprisingly little actual use of a camera...

Same thing is happening in the delivery business, as well... One of the most striking changes I've seen in recent years, is the increasing percentage of inquiries I'm getting for 'instruction', or 'sail training deliveries', as opposed to simply moving a boat from Point A to B...

Now, THAT change is gonna be a tough one to adapt to, for sure... (grin)
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